Flower Delivery

small box for flower delivery in nashville and franklin

Our Popular Contactless Floral Delivery Service

We are pleased to offer flower delivery service to most Davidson and Williamson County zip codes. Pricing begins at $8 and is based on your distance from our floral studio. Your delivery driver will take utmost care to ensure that your badass flower arrangement is carefully packed for it's travel across Nashville to you. It will be in a water source the entire time, secured in place so that no damage will occur due to bumpy roads or stop and go traffic. All our drivers wear masks and gloves when delivering your order to you, to minimize any possibilities of spreading COVID during these strange times.
When your desired delivery location is within our delivery zone, you’ll see our Contactless Flower Delivery option during your checkout process. All delivery fees go directly to our wonderful drivers. 



Due to COVID-19, we have implemented curbside pickup options for all orders placed on our website! We have a location in East Nashville as well as an option for purchasing flowers in Franklin. Curbside pickup is available in East Nashville during our regular business hours, and at our Franklin location from 3pm-8pm on weekdays.


In efforts to make sure that our flowers arrive as freshly as possible, we are discontinuing our shipped flowers option until after the election on November 3rd, 2020. We will let you know when this flower delivery service is available again! 

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