Our Team

Foliage is a team of 2!

Meg focuses on all things floral. Rob is the houseplant expert! Here's a little bit more about our team: 

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A little about Meg: 

I recall vividly the first time flowers had an emotional impact on me. I was watching The Secret Garden, the 1980’s classic version. There was a scene where they showed a time lapse of the hidden garden, going from weedy overgrowth to beautiful and stunning after Mary Lennox and Ben Weatherstaff gave it love and attention. Then spring erupted!
Ever since then, I have loved flowers, gardens, and working to create a space outside of our home that is a living garden space for us all to enjoy, not simply a yard. The relaxing effects of working with the dirt, the emotional payoff of seeing flowers bloom that you planted weeks before, that’s all been what led me to fall in love with flowers and gardening….except when it’s grossly hot outside. Then, I’m inside all day long.
I think that getting to work with fresh flowers, from down the road or all over the world, then arranging them into something stunning for customers that will see them and feel emotionally inspired by is a wonderful way to spend my time working in this world. I feel incredibly lucky! Every project is a new, thrilling piece of art. Every client is a new chance to find ways to make them smile because of flowers! 
Between visiting the flower market to choose our blooms for the week, and getting to create artful arrangements that are never the same twice, cause no flower is exactly the same, it’s hard to pick what my favorite part of this job is! But it’s perhaps that moment when everything is all wrapped up properly and ready to go, and I get to hand it to an excited customer…that’s truly fulfilling!
about us image of RobA little about Rob: 
Rob is a native of Arizona, but moved to Nashville in the late 90’s and has lived in the Franklin area ever since! He is a longtime horticulture specialist, focusing mainly on tropicals and houseplants. He has an excellent eye for modern, elegantly styled arrangements, including submerged plants, and seeds sprouted underwater. He doesn't love photos, so we're still trying to convince him to let us post a pic of more than his arm. :)