a Floral Story for your Clients

floral styling services for boutiques, resorts and 5 star hotels worldwide

You can trust us to create moments of connection and rest for your clients throughout your business. Our floral team is ready to get to know your brand and bring it's story to life through flowers. 

Enhanced Client Experience.

Your business is unique. We are here to help you enhance what makes your hotel or business special. We connect your clients to your business through the floral stories we create in your space. 

You’ve realized you need someone who can steer the creative direction of your vision. 

Someone who can bring more than pretty flowers. Someone who will bring the expertise necessary for all the fine detailing that will make your vision come to life. We have experience successfully planning and executing events in Tennessee, New York City, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Chicago, Seoul, Osaka and more. 

Our knowledgeable + nurturing approach to floral design allows us to connect with clients on a personal level, providing a superior level of customer service, whether we're acting as a local florist or working on a hotel lobby in Seoul. 

Looking for a floral designer to enhance your space? 

you're in the right place.

We believe florals set the tone - and the stage - for your guests to have a truly unique experience.

for boutique, resort and 5 star hotels worldwide with recurring floral needs

Hotel Floral Styling Services

Built specifically for you! Our hotel floral styling service is a custom built package for your hotel's needs. Whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, or as a specialty installation, you can trust our team to deliver stunning flowers that enhance your brand every time. 

for boutique, resort and 5 star hotels worldwide with recurring floral needs

Custom Built for your business

We don’t copy-paste our designs from one hotel to the next. We visit your space in person, work closely with you to create a floral story based around your ideal client, then create florals that enhance your brand experience for your client. 

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Meg is one of the sweetest most talented people I have met. When it came to what I wanted, she nailed every detail. I am forever grateful for her making my wedding day beautiful!”  

Beautiful flowers and a kind heart. The flowers were absolutely stunning, and my interactions with the florists were so uplifting and fun."

Julie H & Anna L