Rubber Tree, Burgundy Ficus Elastica 6"
rubber plant in planter pot for sale

Rubber Tree, Burgundy Ficus Elastica 6"

We love our Ficus Elastica plants here at Foliage. Great as a housewarming present, or a gift for a birthday that will keep on giving! These are a wonderful, low-maintenance houseplant that don't need direct sunlight. They prefer indirect light and watering every 10-12 days, as needed.

Also known as Rubber Trees, they are known for their dark, waxy leaves and white sap. Here are more details on our Rubber Trees:

  • 1 Rubber Tree plant, in a 6" grow pot
  • Ficus Elastic prefers medium, indirect to low light
  • low-maintenance houseplant

  • can live 5-10 years indoors if properly tended to

  • grows quickly if not overwatered

  • pet friendly? Rubber Tree Sap could be slightly toxic to pets if ingested.

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