pothos plant
Golden Pothos Hanging Basket, 8"
low maintenance pothos plant

Golden Pothos Hanging Basket, 8"

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is also called golden pothos, money plant, or devil’s ivy. It’s a hardy indoor foliage plant of the arum family (Araceae) native to southeastern Asia. Pothos prefers indirect light; it tolerates an intense luminosity, but long periods of direct sunlight will burn the leaves. Generally the plant will only need watering when the soil feels dry to the touch. A liquid fertilizer can be added in the spring and it must be replanted every two years. However, it is a very robust plant that supports bad growing conditions.

  • Your plant will arrive in an 8” hanging basket

  • Pothos helps to purify the air inside your home

  • Good for low to medium light rooms

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