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Your Floral Consultant: Events Season Made Easy

Your Floral Consultant: Events Season Made Easy

It's been a minute since I've had a chance to sit down and write here on our Foliage Floral Design Studio blog, but I'm so happy to be chatting with you all today! 2023 so far has been a lot of busy times at our first retail storefront, the East Nashville Flower Shop. But now that we're heading into wedding and event season, I wanted to make sure to re-introduce myself!

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Creative Professionals

My name is Meg Anderson, and I'm the CEO + Creative Director here at Foliage, LLC. We have 2 divisions: Foliage Floral Design Studio + East Nashville Flower Shop. The Flower Shop is our first retail storefront and you can order daily flower delivery from us here. Foliage Floral Design Studio is our events and specialty division, that focuses in on one of a kind, bespoke floral arrangements, special event flowers and all things luxury about flowers.

As a creative professional, I see fresh flowers as a to create unforgettable moments that your guests and clients will remember long after the moment has passed. I view our design services as a way to make special occasions truly unique to the location, the clients, and the season. Whether you are looking to hire a floral designer to hands-on bring your wedding flower vision to life, or whether you are a needing some 1:1 consultation for your boutique hotel, we are here for you!

Flower Arrangements that reflect you.

My absolute favorite part of the job is connecting 1:1 with our clients in order to find ways to bring your personality out in the design process. Here are a few ways that our consultation process enriches the design process on our end:

  • We see your personal style with our own eyes
  • We get to know personal preferences such as music, art and more
  • We walk through the physical space, take pictures in order to fully envision the florals later on in the design process
  • Conversations with you always lead to unexpected and exciting results that we can't quite get to when we only ever chat through emails
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Let's be honest, event florals are overwhelming!

If you have a big project coming up, signing up for a floral consultation with us a perfect way to get rolling with determining your needs for the space. I like to give 100% transparent advice. Let's talk budget, then get going on what exactly I think the best use of that budget is. You don't need ALL the flowers, just the right ones in the right places in order to set the stage for your special event.

In my role as a floral consultant, I've learned that in most instances, clients feel that they need florals here, there, everywhere. But in reality, they would make more impact if we focused in and make full use of the budget in certain specific areas. Sure, if you REALLY want ALL the flowers, I can make that happen! But first, let's zone in these things:

  1. Exactly how much do you want to invest in florals (delivery + labor also)?
  2. What is the most important aspect of your event? Will florals enhance this or distract from it? If it will distract, then let's use that floral budget elsewhere!
  3. What are you DEFINITELY'S? Do you 100%-for-sure want flowers on every table at the reception? Or is the archway at the entrance your DEFINITELY?

I love helping talk through all these things with you. Just because I'm a florist, doesn't mean I'm going to try to convince you that we should put flowers EVERYWHERE! I want your big day to be moments of beautiful flowers, here and there, elevating the space for you. Luxury flower arrangements doesn't mean ALL, it means STUNNING!

Your local florist is here to help!

My role as a floral consultant takes me all over the place. I'm not always the one that ends up creating the final floral look on the day. This is especially true in my role as a corporate florist. I offer consultations to hotels + businesses worldwide.

Here are some of my favorite cities to offer consultations [in no particular order]:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Nashville
  • London
  • Seoul
  • Osaka
  • Brighton
  • Paris

When I provide consultation services to you, I always have a list of recommended local florists in New York or local florists in London, etc. You can then take our blueprinted plan to them and they can execute it hands-on in your city.

Sign up for a consult today!


Meg Anderson

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