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As we’re entering six months of business at Foliage, I (Meg) am excited to be taking a brief hiatus from other work to be able to fully focus on things here for a bit! In light of that, there are some new weekly, bi-weekly communications with all of you that we’re excited to be getting rolling since I have more time to write to you all through our new Plant Journal here at Foliage.

Weekly Quick Pick-Me-Up Bouquet! 

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We’ve been brainstorming ways that we can meet our customers needs during these uncertain times, and I know that for me that means something that is within my new budget, as well as brings me joy. Flowers sometimes feel like an unnecessary indulgence, but they are scientifically proven to engage the senses, reduce stress and anxiety…all of which I need some help with right now!

So with that in mind, we’ve decided to introduce a weekly, budget-friendly (think $15 and under) flower bouquet of our choosing that you can swing by and pick up on your way home from work, or on a quick trip from your house to somewhere else for a change! These small bouquets will look perfect on the dinner table in a vase or mason jar, or added in with flowers from your yard. Pricing might fluctuate each week due to the flower type, but we will always keep it under $15. If you choose to have these delivered, instead of pick them up yourself, then the $8 delivery fee will get added to that. We’ll announce each bouquet in our newsletter and you can either call us to reserve one or order it through the website.

For this week’s bouquet, we have the charming rose-hued waxflowers, pictured above. These are really long lasting, as they have a woody-stem and faint pine scent. If you’d like to go ahead and register for a subscription for these Quick-Pick-Me-Up Bouquets, we’ve set that up as well. Subscription members enjoy a flat $10 weekly fee, with no fluctuations based on flower type. To enroll in this program, visit our listing here, or click on the button below!

We are so grateful to all of our customers that are supporting our small business as we grow! Thank you all, and we hope to see some of you curbside this week!

Plus…look forward to info about houseplants coming soon!




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