Our Floral Design Process

Some of you have been asking lately, so I thought I'd just write a blog post for you all about how the team here at Foliage goes about creating our floral designs. 

To begin, it requires research & inspiration. Often, Rob and I find ourselves scrolling through instagram and coming across amazing floral designers from all over the world. We'll travel down their insta-rabbit holes, finding so much stunning floral work that takes our breath away! We spent a few hours the other night just watching videos of @flowernoritake as he created stunning floral wraps, water arrangements and installations. Pretty much every post of @contelier_flower is a new favorite of mine, with all the lush, tonal pieces she creates. All of those moments that we save to our favorites for later come back up when it's time to create designs. 

wedding flowers in compote dish

Then comes practice. I want to offer a certain type of arrangement to clients, I always like to give 4-5 good practice runs at home. Often I forage from our garden for the flowers for these mock-ups. But they have produced some really special and beautiful arrangements that my kids and I have enjoyed on our dinner table that week! An example, this compote arrangement was from leftover items from another order that week, and I wanted to practice using a flower frog. It lasted us that whole week and we loved the scent at dinner every night. 

checklist for floral industry standard pricing

After the practice comes all our planning moments. From creating recipes for certain offerings for our Signature Arrangements, to spreadsheets for wedding inquiries. We want to make sure that we're following floral industry standards in our pricing while creating beautiful floral moments for our customers. After all that's the difference between a hobby and a business, isn't it? 

When it's time to finally have that opportunity to create a piece for a client, it's pure joy! Whether it's a single arrangement for a special occasion, or an event that we're creating an entire floral story for, that moment when we can forget about all the things besides just making it look stunning is truly magic. I still can't believe I get to do this for work sometimes! 

That's a bit of a window into our world over here, and into how we create our floral designs. From the trips to the floral markets, to prepping flowers, to delivering the final product, it often feels like every new client is a new adventure in floral design for us! 



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