Gearing up for fall!

How have you all been doing lately? I've been busy rebuilding our online flower shop on a new platform, and trying to learn all I can about SEO and Keyword management. But, I digress. I've been mainly spending as much time as I can practicing floral design skills! 

Fleur Society Online Summit

I spent last week participating in the amazing online floral conference organized by Christina Barragan of Fleur Society! I absolutely can't wait to put into action a lot of the techniques and skills, both artistic and economic, that I learned last week. So much absorbing! Now to process! I thought I'd begin sharing some of my fall inspired floral arrangements here for you all, as you may be considering hiring us for an event or custom arrangement. Hope that you love what we're building over here! 


small custom floral arrangement

This was a small arrangement I made with the charming glass jars that we've been collecting from our favorite yogurt brand, Oui Yogurt. It's filled with mums, garden roses and foraged goodies from my garden. 

small custom floral astrantia

Sometimes I want to just see some simple flowers in a simple vase. I LOVE astrantia, and blending it with a bit of fragrant basil or sage from my garden made a lovely little tabletop sized mini-arrangement for our living room. 

This was one of the more structured flower arrangements I practiced on this week. My goal was to make something that felt like early fall in a bowl. A warm mix of amaranth, carnations and mums anchored the piece, while the eucalyptus gave a nice green background field. I think I could've varied the levels on this one a bit more, but I'm still liking how it turned out.

Well, that's all for now! 




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