Speaking the universal language

More than pretty flowers. The stories they hold.

We tell stories in blossoms and greens. Tales of lightly scented romance and long-ago strolls through dewy meadows and moss-covered mountains. Of dipping into streams in faraway forests. The kind of stories mere language fails. Stories told in silence. Stories that can only be deeply felt...and breathed in. These are the stories we tell.

Floral artist

We create flowers with the power to spark emotion, and imagine lush environments for your guests.

Never an afterthought, our florals are designed to captivate with the stories they tell.

We are ready to tell your story. Are you?

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  • Floral Artists

    Creative Professionals, equipped with passports and ready to create stunning flowers for you!


    Since 2019, Foliage has built a reputation for inspired floral design, editorial styling, and custom installations. Bringing to the table our years of design experience and intimate knowledge of uncommon florals, we provide an artistic vision that is custom-tailored, inspired, and always stunning.

  • Creative Problem Solvers

    No matter where in the world you find us, our goal is always the same: to create an evocative experience for you and your guests that will set the stage for a lifetime of memories.


    We do more than just style beautiful florals. We create floral solutions for your unique needs in ways that enhance your event, with minimal thought + stress on your end. We'll take care of it for you!

  • Internationally Available

    While we are based in the heart of Nashville, Foliage Floral Design Studio works with an international roster of luxury clients and editorial partners who value our creative direction and artistic intuition. Wherever you are in the world, reach out to us today with your floral needs! We are always happy to help!


    We've helped clients from:

    • USA
    • Canada
    • England
    • Israel
    • Finland
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea +more
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Your floral expert, equipped with passport

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Destination Wedding Florist? We're here for you!

When we say we take time to learn more about who our clients are as people, we mean it. As a small team of kind and professional humans, we pride ourselves on staying present and patient in the process. When planning an event abroad, you don't need more cooks in the kitchen. You want someone that will effortlessly take tasks off your plate!

We want to make sure you feel heard and that we truly understand the type of help you need and the design style that will best fulfill your needs.

We remain committed to this superior level of service because we know that when you’re able to relax and enjoy your journey with us...that’s when we can capture what makes you uniquely you, wherever we are in the world!

Our Specialty: Expert Florist

Inspired floral design that tells a story

Experience the Foliage difference


As proud world travelers, we’re available internationally. Whether it's a destination wedding or an international celebration, we're here for you!


Our creative vision ensures no two floral designs are ever exactly alike. 


We create bold and beautiful floral installations + floral designs, no matter the occasion, no matter the size.

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  • Local. Seasonal. Global.

    Our designs are heavily influenced by location, season, and Mother Nature's ever-changing beauty. Each element of our designs is meticulously planned to flow seamlessly together and to bring out the best of that season's foliage. Using the colors, textures, and florals of an area, we’re able to create a look that feels like a natural extension of its environment.

    By supporting local flower farms and flower markets in your part of the world and using the best of in-season blooms, we can create uniquely stunning and one-of-a-kind designs.